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Here are six galleries of my pictures. These photos show much of my work in PR AND MEDIA.

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Just look at the height of the hair on this picture, and the eye make-up!
That`s Life! - the show that gave me my big break.
With co-presenters Joanna Monro and Michael Groth and an unidentified cross dressing nurse.
I`m a lifelong bus fan. Long ago, I nearly got my licence to drive them! This is me living the dream at a vehicle museum in Devon.
I love playing cocktail piano - especially when there`s an actual cocktail within reach! - and am available for hire.
I often featured in this magazine which accompanied the radio station I worked for at the time.
I co-devised, co-wrote and musically directed a show at Southampton`s Nuffield Theatre.
The daft things you have to do to get bums on theatre seats.
If you need a ribbon cutting, I`m your man.