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I present BBC Radio Berkshire's afternoon show, Mondays to Fridays, 1300-1600. I also present on Sundays on both BBC Radio Berkshire and BBC Radio Oxford, 1100-1400.

I have reviewed the national newspapers many times on television and radio, on BBC News Channel, Sky News, ITV1's Daybreak and BBC WM.

I appeared on the Good Food channel as a guest expert in several editions of Saturday Kitchen Big Adventure.

I was part of a That's Life! team on BBC2's Celebrity Eggheads.

I have reviewed well over 100 restaurants for the respected and much visited website, viewlondon.co.uk. Here, for example, are my thoughts on Marylebone's SAMARQAND.

I'm also an experienced voice-over artist. Want to hear examples of my work or book me? Just go to BigFishMedia.


Hi there, and thanks for visiting my website. I'm Bill Buckley, a radio and television presenter with more than 30 years' experience.

I've been a qualified newspaper journalist for even longer than that!

I love to act and sing, and in particular I enjoy writing about food: I am proud to be a member of the prestigious Guild of Food Writers.

I can often be seen doing a spot of TV punditry and once even wrote a number two hit record.

If you live in BBC1's West Midlands region, you may have seen one of my contributions to the regional current affairs show, Inside Out. It was a report on the resurgence of traditional and cheap Black Country foods. There's a clip on my showreel page.

I guested as a food critic on two series of ITV1's Britain's Best Dish, judging dishes during three programmes, before being invited back to the live finals alongside such foodie luminaries as Blur's Alex James. I also judged the celebrity version of the show. Go to the showreel page to see a clip of either.

I have judged the annual Academy of Chocolate Awards acadmeyofchocolate.org.uk, been a supreme judge for The Guild of Fine Foods' Great Taste Awards britishfinefoods.com and judged the World Cheese Awards: finefoodworld.co.uk.

Another film I made for BBC TV's Inside Out West Midlands investigated problems in the buy-to-let property market in provincial city centres. It also received a national airing on BBC1. Go the my Showreel page where I've posted a clip.

I am really pleased with an article the Daily Mail printed about gynacomastia, the condition in which men develop female-type breasts, even if they are not overweight or out of condition. I suffered from this until I had my moobs removed at the age of 40 and am always looking for opportunities to 'bang the drum' about corrective surgery. Do read the article, and contact me via an email to the Contact page if you know of a media opportunity where I can spread the word further: I don't want one single man to continue suffering in silence through lack of information! dailymail.co.uk

I have previewed the following morning's newspapers on BBC News Channel, BBC Radio 5 Live and Sky News countless times.

In 2005, I won the London week of C4's culinary contest, Come Dine With Me. The shows were rebroadcast many times on various channels.

I also judged the cooking of Antony Worral Thompson and Paul Rankin in a series on UKTV Food, The People's Cookbook.

I have reviewed over 100 restaurants for the website viewlondon.co.uk Here are links to just a couple of them, one place I loved viewlondon.co.uk and one place, I certainly didn't! viewlondon.co.uk

On Friday 14th September 2007, I was thrilled to appear as a celebrity contestant on Ken Bruce's Popmasters quiz on BBC Radio 2.