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Here are six galleries of my pictures. These photos show some of my FAMILY AND FRIENDS.

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I always knew how to give good camera!
I wish I could play piano like Russ did! He was a regular listener to my show on BBC Southern Counties Radio and invited me to sing in this star-studded concert. Little did any of us know that it would be his final appearance: he died soon afterwards.
Here I am aged 17 in the Birmingham Evening Mail after winning a talent competition. My parents still called me 'Billy' (note the 'Bily' misprint), even though everyone else had stopped doing so when I was about 9, and unfortunately, it was they who spoke to the reporter: I was mortified! And it was all arranged in such a hurry that I couldn't go home and change out of my school uniform - yuck! The photo was taken at the local old people's home where I entertained the residents one afternoon a week - to avoid Games at school!
The lovely Su and I are reunited almost 20 years after the song I wrote for her reached number two in the charts.
It was more than 20 years ago that Su Pollard and I had our number two hit.
My great friend and collaborator, Britain`s Top Piano Entertainer, Bobby Crush.
Bobby Crush at his home where we have written many songs together.